Monday, February 16, 2009

a scant 30 years later...

i'm not much of a 12x12 album scrapper - i tend to do smaller collections of photos in board books. but there is a 12x12 board book now, so i thought i'd do a few special 12x12 pages as i sift through and organize a few boxes of old photos.

so here is a layout that commemorates my senior year of high school....i had fun playing with my cricut die-cuts and some epoxy stickers that each have special symbolism.


  1. '79! Weren't we SOMETHING ELSE?! How FUN!

  2. Yes, Mary, all of you Beyer pals were 'something else'. The best part of your group is that, 30 years later you still are a 'group of pals'.

  3. isnt it great the way you have stayed in touch..what a great pic of you at school I bet you were popular.. We dont have graduation from senior school over here only from when we go to university. Will have to try and find photos of me from then back in 1987!!

  4. Such a nice scrapbook page and you were drop dead gorgeous!

  5. awww you look stunning. this must of been right before big watch days :) great page!

  6. Oh wow that is beautiful, how fun, you never cease to surprise


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