i love me some lutradur!!

it was confirmed at work today...we're coming out with 10-sheet packs of 8.5"x11" lutradur® in april!!  i'm so excited!!

usually you have to buy it in yards off the bolt. but now these sheets are perfect for lots of smaller scale arts and crafts applications, plus you can run them through your inkjet printer.  

here is a super cool book about what it is and how to work with it.

this is just the greatest surface ever...it's a spun polyester that is kinda like paper, kinda like fabric. it's tear-resistant, fibrous and somewhat transparent. i've painted and stamped on it and tonight i made an atc with it. 

first i stitched a painted piece of lutradur on to a piece of timtex stiff interfacing, then i used my bejeweler tool to heatset some swarovski crystals, and then i used just the top of the tool to burn in some little circles. i snipped the ends of the zigzag stitches at the bottom just for fun (i added a drop of glue at each point on the backside so the stitches won't come loose). i added my name with mini-scrabble tiles and voila!