Thursday, February 19, 2009

digital painting

today i snapped a picture of this gorgeous tree outside my office that always blooms early. it's a mess later when the blooms drop and we all track little white petals all throughout the building, but right now in the morning light or by sunset light, it is just beautiful. i came home and painted it with my new artrage program and bamboo tablet - the effects are wonderful, it feels and acts like real painting. i used three different "mediums" - pastels, glitter, and airbrushing. i opted to make it greener with less sky peeking through.


  1. I have such an affinity for trees. Even as a child, in school, for art class, we had to paint and I chose trees...they had a contest of the paintings and mine won a ribbon....don't remember 1st, 2nd or 3rd...I think my sister has that painting. I should ask her for's over 40 years old! All that to say, I love your redition!

  2. What a great tree to look and see everyday. . . love what you did with the digital painting.

  3. Very cool! Sounds like a really interesting computer program!

  4. this is great and would make a great background..I have never really tried digital but one day perhaps. I bought an apple tree today that I am going to plant with the kids tomorrow. I had to dig up my old ceanothus tree as it died but I miss having a tree in the garden for the birds to perch on.

  5. This is really nice work - reminds me of a vintage fabric.

    What got you started using the tablet? Was it hard to learn?


  6. Do some more, that is waaaay coool!!!!


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