carnival issue 8 ••••• challenge

i want to devote this issue to the amazing work on some of my favorite challenge blogs for papercrafts and mixed media.  i can't say enough good things about challenge blogs...they are so inspiring and motivating! when you want to create something but you just need that little push, these blogs are right there ready to give you a theme, some samples, and a deadline...not to mention built-in support for your efforts from all the other participants. when you visit the blogs below, take some time to click on the comments to the challenge posts where people leave links to their's like walking through a virtual art show!

so here goes...

mixed media monday...gorgeous hearts and wings slide show
ismaki...fabulous cards by isabelle
pretty paper many sweethearts here!
arty the flower collages, cards & layouts from last week
xmas cards all year 'round...great tutorial for a paper bag mini album
crazy amigo...incredible collages with postage stamps, color, and more
inspire me thursday...these comments are so worth your time!
one powerful hour...great themes - playing cards, ocean, cubes...
theme the game pieces theme!
art creations get a background or picture to use
dans ma maison...each week there is something new "in my house"...jewels, love, candies...

there are so many more! check out my challenge blog roll down further on the right. above is my submission for this week's challenge of "my choice" at saturday surprise....since i've been playing a lot of online scrabble lately, i made a tag to celebrate my favorite 2-letter word that is always worth lots of points - xi - the 14th letter of the greek alphabet.

hope you join in some of these challenges - let your creative sparks fly!