Sunday, February 22, 2009

atc swap

so i had signed up for an animal-themed atc swap with 20 of the fiskateers, thinking i just had to make one atc, and i'd get another atc back. so i mailed my card off to the hostess, Amy...only to find out after she got it that i was supposed to make 20 atcs...we will each get one from every participant in the swap.  ay carumba!!  so i had to move fast to make a new batch and get them ready to mail out tomorrow. 

i opted for a different image and design that could be more easily "mass produced." i found the sloth image in a yahoo search last year, but could not trace it to a photographer to credit. i turned it sepia and cropped it, added an eyelet, ribbon, stamp and writing. now that i know i'll be getting 19 atc's back, i'm excited - what a boon to my collection!

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  1. THat critter is so sweet! Yikes, I'd be frantic with the pressure of making 19 more to send by a certain date. Hope you got them all done....Please post the assortment you get back...these ATCs are very interesting to look at.


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