Thursday, February 26, 2009

altering a domino

an interesting experiment with alcohol inks, gloss medium and wire....oh yes, and a domino. i got an unused pack of jumbo dominoes at the creative reuse depot for just 3 bucks! so i tried blending the inks for a marbled effect on the back, and then i tried layering the inks on the front. i used some gloss medium on the front too, and tried to create a little ridge on one side at the top. i also played with texturizing the medium on the front below the bead.

it didn't turn out perfect, but it was my very first try and it was really interesting!


  1. Gorgeous!! How did you do the wiring?? Did you use a tutorial somewhere? I would love to do that to mine.

  2. These are fabulous - what a wonderful idea!!

  3. I have never seen wiring like this before and it just adds to the modern design..great. Glad you liked my latest canvas page.

  4. Oh wow, this is beautiful. I love the marbled look.


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