Sunday, January 11, 2009

winner of the bejeweler tool

thanks so much to everyone who visited my blog and played for a chance to win...and congrats to donna from montana!  

donna's name was drawn at random to win my blog candy - she will be bejewelin' soon.  donna is a grandmother, scrapbooker, cardmaker, needlepointer all-around crafter!

this is a shot i took of a tree in my mom's neighborhood - gorgeous reds and oranges!

be sure to enjoy my latest issue of papercrafting with lisa - tons of great links for inspiration all over the web - all in one handy post.


  1. Wow, those colors in your photo!!
    Congrats to Donna! :)

  2. DARN I missed this contest! #2, my 9 yr old daughter, would have gone crazy for this (maybe it's good I didn't win, the cats might just be greatful for not being bejeweled!)

    Welcome to my blog and BEST OF LUCK winning the Woo Hoo box. I'm having a BLAST filling it. Who knows what will end up in the darn thing when I'm done. Have a GREAT week:-)

  3. Oh Thank you Thank you Lisa!! How fun, I can't wait to give it a try!!


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