Monday, January 05, 2009

blog follower drawing - january winner!!

thanks to everyone who follows my blog - i hope you enjoy the projects i post and find some inspiration to create something wonderful for yourself! as a little treat, i draw one of your names at random on the 5th of each month (maybe twice a month sometimes!) to win two of my handmade greeting cards. today's lucky winner is....sandy from montana!

sandy is a teacher, a cardmaker and a scrapbooker - she doesn't have a public blog, but if you are a fiskateer, you have probably seen lots of her wonderful work! i will be sending her my recent goethe card and one of my earlier fantastiques cards. congrats, sandy!
my next drawing will be on february 5th. if you're not following already - why dontchya click on over up there on the right and join us - you just might win!
btw - i took this picture last week of tiny 1/2" white blooms with just a hint of morning dew, growing on a huge vine in my backyard. it's part of my daily photography journal for 2009 - have a look and let me know what you think!


  1. Beautiful flowers! The white I see out the window of my house sure isn't flowers!! It's that four letter "s word" -- SNOW! I applaud you for taking the Project 365 challenge. I thought about it, but chickened out... maybe next year.

  2. lovely flowers I wonder if they are winter hasnt appeared in my garden yet.

  3. Thanks Lisa! I will email you my addrss! Great start to the day!!

  4. Great flowers and I have been coming to look at your work. . . I have need to work on my card skills!


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