Tuesday, January 06, 2009

clicking away

taking just a little break from papercrafts to try my hand at nature photography. to start, i've been taking shots around my yard and my mother's yard, just for fun...and who knows, some i like well enough to have professionally printed for cards or wall art. 

i don't have a fancy camera, but i'm pretty pleased with the results i get from this little kodak 8.2mp.  this is the tree in our backyard - but i made it b/w and then boosted the color, i really like how scary it looks!

this is a little metal fairy i got for my mom a while back. she looks cute in her backyard perch, ready to chat with whoever comes to sit on the bench.


  1. OMG! I've been away for a few too many days and I see you've been super busy!!! I like your new foray into art photography. You're good at this genre, too! I'm off to check in with my teens -hopefully they're going to bed soon, as I'm exhausted, and then I'm hope for a few hoursof good REM before starting all over in the morn.' Until then, Happy Three Kings Day/Epiphany to you. I can't wait to come back to visit and read slowly through all your new posts! Love you much!

  2. Your photos are great, I really like taking pictures also. My camera is not new or fancy either, but sometimes I get lucky! Enjoy your day~!

  3. I love the idea of these daily photos as it portrays our different lives..I have started one too. Love that tree very gothic and that fairy is great very vintage which I love

  4. I wish I could live in a climate that wasn't covered with snow. I loved your flower photo. There are no flowers to be seen around here right now. Good luck with the photography.

  5. nice photos! i hope to start up my video cam hobby soon. so, you'r helping to inspire me. thanks!, and keep up the new hobby. looks like fun!

    -Steve @ fluxlife


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