Saturday, January 24, 2009

carnival issue 6 ••••• mish mash

this issue has a terrific variety of things to amuse and inspire you!

• if you don't know who lauren ferguson nwachukwu is yet, you should!  her altered art is some serious creative mojo. check out this papercrafted chess board she made.

• vera lang at fine craft guild has a terrific article about 6 ways to use stamps in scrapbooking.  her blog is packed with tons of how-to advice! 

nick morscata shares a post about his favorite cubeecraft paper toys - it's hip to be square...

• now this is green crafting for ya...learn how to create a super cute gift card holder from an empty toilet paper roll on the ccayr blog!

• i "met" jan on twitter - i just love how she incorporates wire, beads, ribbons and fibers into her cards...check out her valentine's day work!

• today i shared a cab with lain ehmann, author of snippets: mostly true tales from the lighter side of scrapbooking. she is a writer, humorist and scrapbooker. check out her podcasts here!

• spend some time on c&t publishing's flickr page for lots of pictures of blank board book much gorgeous inspiration! you can join their groups and post your own work too!

that's a wrap - hope you enjoyed some good link-hopping!  thanks for being here!


  1. Thanks for all the links. I had fun checking them all out.

  2. This is really neat! Thanks for sharing (:

  3. Thanks for sharing the links!


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