365 - a daily photo diary

i joined this amazing group on flickr called 365....there are about 150 members and each day we all snap and post a new picture about whatever is meaningful for that day. melina, a talented scrapbooker and photographer created and moderates the group. we have some incredible talent - it's definitely bookmark-worthy!!

here is my first shot...these are some of my favorite tools and supplies that i hope to wear out by the end of this year!! i played with the color saturation of the photo to make it more interesting. i am so excited about this opportunity to improve my photography skills (although my camera is not fancy), explore another creative outlet, and chronicle my year while i'm at it!


  1. Hi, you have a neat blog, i really like the ideas on how to store glitter and usepaint chips! thanks for sharing!

  2. Great photo and that sounds like a fun project, although time consuming. What happens if you miss a day?

    P.S. Found you on twitter!



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