Wednesday, December 31, 2008

fiskateers craft room clean-up challenge AFTER

well, I did it!! i went through my whole craft room and actually looked at everything i have and pulled it all together into organized and labeled bins and drawers and cubbies. the labeling is key, now i know at a glance what is where, it's an incredibly huge difference! i also set up some inspiration on the wall, makes me feel good.


thanks to angela and the fiskateers for providing the motivation and deadline to do this!


  1. Hey what a challenge and congratulations on getting there.

    It is my wish for a fairy godmother to come along and organise my crafting.

    happy hew year to you and yours.

    chriss x

  2. It looks fabulous! You must feel so refreshed to have it all done.

  3. OMIGAWD! You were one busy lady..If there is a prize to be won, you deserve it for the speed and creativity of your solutions.
    Even I would want to work in that craft room! Congratulations.

  4. Such a beautiful and efficient use of space!

  5. I like the way you have added create for motivation and the fact you have added some colour with your art to those walls. The curtain rods are a great idea. Think I will have to photograph my crafty corner as it is full of my art and my kids!! I also sorted out my craft table today and replaced it with a table with drawers for my kids art supplies so they dont use mine all the time.

  6. yay lisa!! its kinda fun isnt it....hahaha...I will admit that bit.

  7. Hi Lisa.
    I was amazed at how beautiful your work space looks and how organized everything is. I need to do a little of that around here so I can find things. You are your mother's daughter. She taught you well. Have a fun time working in your new organized office. Happy New Year.

  8. I love the way you hung your projects on the wall! I commented on the Fiskars site and someone again was talking about it today. What did you use to clip your art up?

  9. I'm so inspired by your curtain rod hanging!! I'm going to play with this idea in my house!! Thanks for sharing!


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