Sunday, December 28, 2008

fiskateers craft room clean-up challenge

i recently joined the fiskateers and my friend angela, one of the lead fiskateers, issued a lofty challenge to all 5000 some-odd of clean and organize our craft rooms by new year's eve. so here's my requisite video post of my craft room -- pre-challenge.

it has been much messier, it has been much cleaner. what it definitely has not been is completely organized and inventoried. i have all the right shelves and containers and savvy to get it more organized, but i just haven't made the time. so now is the time!

if i complete my mission, you might just see some more varied works of the art and the craft from me, here on my blog and in my etsy shop. i know i have the supplies and the learnin' for a wide variety of creative endeavors in here...somewhere....


  1. Hey Lisa, I am blown away by your most beautiful work. I really admire people like you who are skilled in craftwork and unlike I am which is a messer, an impatient messer I should say, living in a virtual art world where just about everything happens on the computer.
    Your blog is fantastic.

  2. Oh Lisa - I love how you dont know what is in what! hehehe...

  3. That's really interesting...I have most of the same problems you do. Got stuff, don't know what or where stuff is :-). I like how you took the doors off the closet - I should do that as well. But then, I can't get to the closet in my hobby room because there's stuff in the way! Sigh! Good luck with your challenge!

  4. ohmigosh by New Years Eve! Wow. I am a packrat so even thinking about organizing just paralyzes me! lol! I applaud you!

  5. The bed works for guests..been there, done that.
    I thought your room was very organized with the many different containers, and the visable shoe holder on the door allows you to see what's in every pocket; clever.
    I can't wait to see it organized.

  6. you are very lucky to have a craft room and I am sure you will be able to organize it so you can find your craft corner is part of the conservatory!! then all my art books are in the living room !! my paints are under the stairs and I have various art stuff hidden from the kids all over the wonder I cant find anything!! my dream is to have a craft room!


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