fiskateers craft room clean-up challenge

i recently joined the fiskateers and my friend angela, one of the lead fiskateers, issued a lofty challenge to all 5000 some-odd of clean and organize our craft rooms by new year's eve. so here's my requisite video post of my craft room -- pre-challenge.

it has been much messier, it has been much cleaner. what it definitely has not been is completely organized and inventoried. i have all the right shelves and containers and savvy to get it more organized, but i just haven't made the time. so now is the time!

if i complete my mission, you might just see some more varied works of the art and the craft from me, here on my blog and in my etsy shop. i know i have the supplies and the learnin' for a wide variety of creative endeavors in here...somewhere....