altered candy box

i took a pink heart-shaped candy box and inked all the edges black, covered the top and the inside with black and gold asian-themed fabric paper, and painted the sides and bottom with a metallic gold acrylic paint. on the top i glued some ornate gold foil stamped ornaments trimmed from an old xmas card. worked out nicely for challenges this week at pretty paper hearts and arty girlz too. i love fabric paper—michael miller fabrics stopped making it, but it's still available at some retailers. i also am enjoying the heck out of my acrylic paint dabbers, no muss no fuss. and they're super great with stamps!


  1. i like the heart box. what is that black rubbery stuff i see on the lid?

    i heart your heart box! mmmmmmmm... put some yummy chocolates in it!

    awesome, and extra interesting with the fabric paper! i keep meaning to show your blog to my design friend! hopefully i'll remember next time.

    -steve @ fluxlife

  2. i think you're talking about the gold paint that is dabbed on top of the black ink around the edges for a distressed look. not sure what gift item will go inside yet!

  3. How Beautiful !!! I have to take my time and grab a cup of coffee and go through your blog - it's wonderful. Monday, I post your heart to the group - thanks so much for taking part.

  4. I went to Fluxlife and he had news about the group which just came alive last Thursday (a week ago) in S.F., all about the coal mine owners and the GOP trying to sell us on an oxymoron; clean coal.
    I'll take any gift you choose to put in that heart. LOL

  5. WOW This is STUNNING

    Thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge xxxx

  6. Great box, it looks fantastic!


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