pensive femme

i found a new challenge blog in the netherlands - art creations friday - i need another challenge blog like a hole in the head, but this is their first post and folks seem to be excited about it. they gave a photo that we all had to use in some way. she's a pretty one!


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Wow, what a wonderful card you created -- I absolutely adore it!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. :)

    Happy creating,

  2. O this is gorgeous!
    great image and colors.
    Thanks for this lovely entry to Art Creations Friday.

  3. A lovely card made with this image. Like the glitter added!

  4. Really great!! I love the background

  5. Gorgeous card and she is a pretty image. Well done for supporting their first challenge too :o)

  6. Your 'hole in the head' comment made me giggle...I resemble that remark, but who could pass this challenge up! Your piece is lovely, very original, nice different colors, the fibers add so much interest!

  7. What a lovely card! She is such a pretty lady, isn't she?
    I love your collaged inchies too! I have decided to invest in a rotary cutter to do exactly what you suggest and make a big fabric collage and cut it into inchies!!
    Thanks for sharing what you do!

  8. This is so beautiful ! And Elegant !


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