never toss a wool sweater

even if it is too small or has a hole in it. my friend glenna kindly offered me a lovely sweater of her husband's that had two such characteristics. it was made of a very nice brown wool, so she thought i could needlefelt something on it. well i do appreciate and respect the whole repurpose-reuse-recycle movement, so i accepted the challenge and decided to make a pillow for my mom. i trimmed away the sleeves and such, and found a flower and vine design in a dover clip art book that i liked. i changed the flowers to fuchsias because she has them in her backyard, and started punching the design into the wool with roving, yarns and felt. i anchored a few bits down with some embroidery stitches. the large fuchsia actually covered the aforementioned hole. i stuffed it and stitched it up and voila, a perfectly fine piece of wool found a good home.