more block pendants

these are so easy to make, and while some may not consider them to be wearable - they'd be perfect for kids, or as party favors or holiday ornaments.

start with 1.5" blank board blocks, and decide if you want to cover the sides with papers and adhesive, stickers, paint, or even stenciled shapes with an ink pad (nothing wrong with white space). i especially like the small colorbox cat's eye ink pads, because of their size and shape. before covering or inking, use a japanese screw punch to make small holes in the center of the top and bottom. these blocks are hollow inside, but there are two layers of board material to get through. if you don't have this tool, poke a small x in the center with an exacto blade. if you plan to cover the top and bottom with paper or stickers, adhere those first, then poke through it with the wire. feed a couple beads on to a 4-5" length of stiff beading wire or a headpin for the top of your pendant, then force the wire through the hole in one end of the block and out the other. add a couple more beads for the bottom of your pendant. use small beading pliers to twist the end(s) into loops. brush all the edges of the block with a rubber stamp pad, then embellish the block however you wish. add the desired length of ribbon or cord for hanging. check out my earlier post for a glittery heart pendant!