check out this blog carnival!

very exciting - my recent anniversary board book post is one of several posts featured in a blog carnival called "make it from scratch"  (a carnival is like an e-zine for blogs) - check it out here, and here too!  
the host of this week's edition is a blog called "a bit of flour" - she writes about cooking and baking. this carnival has been running weekly editions on a variety of host sites since feb '07. it was started by a woman in west virginia with a popular blog called "stop the ride" - she writes about ways to live more simply and frugally. 

my new "papercrafting with lisa" carnival debuts tomorrow night - i have already received some great submissions from other papercrafters in the blogosphere, and am working on a few of my own.  i think this carnival concept is a great way for blog writers to come together and get to know each other - and it's a great way for blog readers to discover new ideas, inspiration and resources.