Saturday, November 29, 2008

angel collage

i made this 8.5x11 collage for two challenges and it will be a christmas gift for my godmother. awfully big art adventure is looking for angels, and art creations friday provided a hand-painted background to incorporate into any piece. i tweaked the color of the background to be more goldy-rusty. i found a vintage lady in just the right pose on the internet, tweaked her coloring a bit too. her wing and gown is made from a variety of papers - handmade, translucent, and foil. the holographic foil in her gown is bronze, but the lighting turned it rainbow when i photographed it. i added gold mesh netting from the fabric store over the top. in the picture frame she is carrying is a detail from a painting called "spring" that i love, it's at the getty museum. i used anise seeds for the stars in the corner. really fun to make!


  1. beautiful collage!!! great image!

  2. Great work, fantastic, great colors!!

  3. Beautiful artwork !!!.
    Thanks for this lovely entry to
    Art Creations Friday.

  4. Lisa
    Thanks for stopping by to see me
    I have bookmarked you now I have found you.....
    I love your ART for the ABAA for the angels.....and close up all the detail and I love the little picture collage in the frame
    Well done......
    Sharon xx

  5. Such a lot to see here - so many interesting textures and layers! Great work and thank you for joining in our challenge.
    Rosie ABAA

  6. Shes beautiful, I thought the stars looked like chocolate....I love the rainbow effect. Shes lovely well done, Jaqi

  7. great work... great colors :-)

  8. Hi Lisa...your collage is wonderful, you have really used your imagination. Thank you for joining in with the challenge.
    Linda x

  9. Beautiful angel you've created, her skirt looks like stained glass. Love the STAR Anise at the top too, I can almost smell it!

  10. Wow beautiful collage!!! great image!

  11. That is very pretty. So creative and original.


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