mama's sticker box

a number of us at work are called upon, along with our esteemed designers at large, to come up with ideas for different ways to decorate and use our newest additions to our ready-to-go! blank board product line. earlier this year, we came out with the indie file box and i came up with mama's sticker box. seems like lots of parents use stickers as rewards for their kids, so it seemed like a fun idea to use the divider tabs for different jobs well done, like brushing your teeth or having good manners. behind each tab you'd keep a supply of stickers and your kid would look forward to when he got to pick some out. i wrapped it with circusy paper and accented with self-adhesive rhinestones and metallic dots. i used rub-on transfers for the white lettering on the top, and i drew strings for the balloon stickers with my favorite opaque white uni-ball pen. i was so thrilled when i found out it was selected as one of the images for the side of the package label! danielle's retro cool red and silver design for storing seed packets made the front of the label. go dani! :-)