how many cards can a cardkeeper keep?

i love making cards...i stopped buying greeting cards a few years ago, they're just so much more fun to make. sometimes i make just one as needed for a specific occasion, and other times i get in the zone and make a whole batch of generic cards. that reminds me, it's time to call my friends together for another craft jam, it has been too long! anyway, so here's the perfect thing to store my card stash in...this is a blank board box that holds about an inch's worth of 5x7 greeting cards. it's a pretty cool construction, the lid is hinged with a little magnet closure, really easy to get in and out of.

i was too lazy to create a template to cut around the peek-a-boo window in the lid, so i colored all the edges of the box with a bronze paint marker (sakura permapaques), then tiled strips of textured paper together, on the top, bottom and all 4 sides...a great use for scraps. in fact, this paper came from an old swatchbook sample from a paper manufacturer, these were all the colors in their pallette...i don't let much go to waste when it comes to cool paper. i added some heat-set rhinestones with my handy-dandy Bejeweler tool in the corners, and then glued a heart-shaped piece of art glass (thanks glenna!) on top of the plastic window.


  1. Well, according to the EPR paradox in quantum mechanics, a card keeper can keep XZ squared + Y cards, but only in a linear state. If we also take into consideration the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, the number can be increased by a factor of AQ to the 10th power.

    Card keeping is serious stuff, people.

    Love the box, Lisa! The rhinestones are a groovy touch. Well done, as always.

    When are we craft jammin' next? My skills are getting rusty...

  2. I'd say a Sacramento Craft Jam is highly in order!!!! I've been wanting to make greeting cards at home for a long time. This is a great blog, a great way to see what you've created. Carinos, Mary

  3. Six. One to hold up each corner, one to lie flat (the lucky one), and one to chuck wood.

    I was a blog virgin until now... I all feel tingley... thank you, Lisa.

    ...I'm wondering if my Dog-haired Bunny Slippers (created by wearing only socks while walking on my carpet) would count as a "craft"? I could write the instructions for you, but you need a Tibetan Mastiff and a Husky to really do it right.

    Neat site, impressive crafts, and great featured artists -- way to go, Lis!

  4. thanks everyone for venturing into blogland and being so funny and kind! xoxo - lis

  5. Hey Cuz,

    You are so fantastically creative....and funny. Keep it up!


  6. Lisa,

    You are very creative, talented, funny, and cool !

    Your cuz on North Padre Island


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