this was a really fun card to make! i wanted to use up the rest of that pastel cardstock i had, and paper snob that i am (it's just plain ol' 67# vellum bristol, a very low-end grade) i was looking for new ways to disguise it and make it into something "high-end."

i layered a pink velvet flocked paper, a green metallic paper, and a turquoise textured paper. i used a black permapaque marker to ink the edges of all the papers so the contrast of the colors and textures would stand out more. the punched out dragonfly in the corner is raised up on little adhesive foam pads, so he's hovering, like dragonflies do. a little glitter pen to outline the "negative"dragonflies, and a few self-adhesive rhinestones in blue and green...when i was done i screamed out "oh my god, that's so cute!!" which made poor glenna scream and jump out of her chair, shocked by my sudden interruption of our deep-in-creative-concentration silence, which made me laugh hysterically for several minutes before feeling bad for startling her.

(sigh) good times.