Melted crayon suncatcher

melted crayon suncatcher lisa fulmer

This melted crayon suncatcher is a quick and fun project for kids (and grown-ups, too!) to make - it would be an especially cute handmade gift idea for mom or dad.

crayon shavings to melt

It's a very inexpensive craft project - all you need are a couple sheets of kitchen wax paper and a few crayons. Start by twisting crayons through a pencil sharpener and sprinkle the shavings on top of a sheet of wax paper. You don't need too many shavings, but it's fun to pick multiple colors. Let the shavings fall randomly, or move them into a symmetrical pattern if you prefer.

melted crayons on wax paper

Place a second sheet of wax paper on top, then carefully press a medium hot iron down over the shavings for just a couple seconds. Slowly rotate the iron to move the melted wax around and blend or streak the colors together a bit. It's always a colorful surprise when you lift up the iron!

punch hole to hang suncatcher

After the paper and wax have cooled for a minute or two, the layers will be stiff and sealed together. Trim your piece into whatever shape you want, then place a small piece of clear tape at the top to reinforce a small hole punch. Insert a loop of ribbon or string for hanging in the window.