Etched stemless champagne flutes

I found a pair of plain, stemless champagne flutes at the local salvage store for a buck - and of course they were just crying to be etched. Because they are stemless, you can't use the typical wine glass charms to tell whose glass is whose. So I thought "what's mine is mine, what's yours is yours" was the appropriate inspiration for how to etch these two pretty little glasses.

I placed adhesive vinyl letters on each glass - one spelled "mine" and the other spelled "yours." Then I sunk each glass into a container filled with etchall® Dip 'n Etch liquid. 

To keep the glass from floating up, I filled it with water and leaned a knife inside it. I used an empty plastic wet-wipes jar - it was the perfect size to get the etching liquid up to the top of the glass. I wanted the whole glass to be etched like frost, with the letters reversed out.

After about 15-20 minutes in the etching bath, the glass came out, got rinsed under water, and the vinyl letters were peeled off to be used again. The Dip 'n Etch can be poured back into its original jar to be used again, too. They're a bit tricky to photograph, but these stemless champagne flutes turned out really cute!