Stenciled locker mirror

This was a sample I made for a demo at a craft show. I don't use a school locker myself, but I do like having small mirrors in a few places around the house - especially in near my front door. Not only is it part of feng shui practice, it's also handy to peek at my face real quick before greeting a visitor - you know, to remove all that broccoli from my teeth.

It's quick and easy to make with a Smoothfoam heart (if you can't find pre-made hearts, you can cut one from a sheet). Just paint the heart with a base color, then stencil it with an all-over pattern in a contrasting color. Attach a long ribbon around the edges with straight pins, accent the top with a couple beads on a long headpin, and glue a small craft mirror on top. This sample just has a circle of reflective cardstock because I had to ship it and I didn't want the mirror to break in transit - bad luck!