Etched glass snack dish

etched glass snack dish

Pretzels, chex mix and a cold beer - perfect for when you're hanging out with friends at a party! I decided to give my plain glass snack tray a little more party style with an etched pennant border.

etchall glass etching creme

This adhesive stencil is about 6" long - carefully dab some etchall® creme over the design with a palette knife, let it sit for about 15-20 minutes, then peel off the stencil. Rinse the glass and the stencil under water, then the tacky surface comes back after it dries. Reposition it and repeat until you work your way around the lip of the dish. So cute!

etchall etched glass dish

While I was working on this tray, my friend wrapped a large floral adhesive silkscreen around a glass tumbler - such a super cute way to add some punch to plain glassware! And of course, beer always tastes better in an etched glass, lol.

etched glass tumbler