Use your finished coloring page to make greeting cards

coloring page greeting card lisa fulmer

I received a couple of Valentina Harper's adult coloring books for Christmas - her designs are super detailed and really fun to color.

flower adult coloring page

I used several colors in my collection of Copic markers. I had no idea what I would end up with, I just worked with one color at a time and randomly filled in areas around the flower. The khaki and dusty blue ended up being the most prominent colors with strong yellow accents, which I'm happy about.

Once my coloring was done, I scanned the final flower to save my work - then I chopped up the original page into sections of strips and rectangles.

Each cropped piece is beautiful - I like the idea of using your finished coloring pages like patterned paper in cardmaking and other papercrafts. I just layered the coloring page sections on top of solid cardstock and embellished for a perfectly lovely set of four matching handmade greeting cards.

greeting card lisa fulmer