Black and white handmade gift basket

black and white handmade gift basket lisa fulmer
When it comes to handmade gifts, my family has probably had their fill from me, lol. We all have sooo much stuff, nobody really needs anything. This is where baked goods and other consumables come in handy - but don't buy the pre-fab shrink-wrapped boxes filled with preservative-laden shelf-stable cheeses and sausages. Instead you can fill a lovingly handcrafted gift basket with something you baked yourself - or how about natural candied almonds from the local farmer's market? Yum!

This month, the Designer Crafts Connection is showing off lots of great ideas for handmade gifts. 

I refashioned the Halloween paper pot I made last month into an all-purpose black and white gift basket. After removing the orange embellishments, I touched up the pot with a little more black paint and reinforced all the seams with gaffer tape, inside and out. This will give it longer life and make it much more useful for the recipient to display or even regift later.

reinforce paper pot with gaffer tape lisa fulmer

I adhered the concentric paper circles to each panel and embellished with a bit of bling. I placed a bag of gourmet treats inside and it's ready to give any time of year.