Vellum windowpane greeting card

vellum windowpane butterfly handmade greeting card lisa fulmer

I made this card a while ago to show off some fun ways to use translucent vellum paper. The delicate butterfly was diecut from a sheet of vellum on which I had randomly dripped a few colors of alcohol inks. Because vellum is so lightweight, the wings naturally curl just a bit for perfect dimension.

I stamped another sheet of vellum with mini dragonflies and sandwiched it face down between two layers of cardstock (green and white). The back side of the stamped vellum shows through the punched out windows of the green cardstock - makes it look like you're looking at the dragonflies through a frosted windowpane. The washi tape and sticker borders are meant to look like a flower box at the bottom of the window and an awning at the top.

Now the question is...if I am with the butterfly outside, looking through someone's window...why do they have dragonflies buzzing about inside their house?

alcohol ink on vellum butterfly lisa fulmer