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how to make a paper tassel with fringe scissors

I have more favorite craft tools and supplies than I can count, so I just decided to close my eyes and pick one! Fringe scissors are popular in the craft stores now, but I got mine old-school style from a mail-order catalog. Shredding scissors have been around forever for destroying old checks and receipts. Now they are so fun for making paper tassels!

fringe scissors shredding scissors

A long time ago I nabbed this cool catalog (Japanese or Chinese?) from a free book pile at the library. It's printed on really pretty laid-finish paper. Each page was folded, so when I slice a page out, I get a nice 17" long sheet.

To make a paper tassel, just fold over the top 2" of a long, strip of paper that's about 6-8" wide. Make cuts with the fringe scissors along the unfolded side. Roll up the strip tightly and tape the folded edge to secure and boom, you have a tassel. Glue a ribbon loop to the top for hanging, then wrap a strip of contrasting paper around it. Embellish as desired...so easy and so cute! Use your tassel instead of a bow on a gift, hang it on your curtain tie-backs, dangle it from a lamp switch, towel rod or doorknob.

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