Recycled sunshine postcard - paint-stamping on upcycled papers

No matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine! Love this quote, so I incorporated it into a postcard collage - here's how I did it!

- 4x6 pieces of stiff cardboard (cereal boxes work well)
- Junk mail or old book pages (commercially printed uncoated paper)
- Decoupage medium|
- Non-stick brayer (or an old rolling pin)
- Craft paints 
- Stamping objects - cork, kitchen sponge, scotch tape core, old credit card, pencil with eraser top
- Printed sentiment
- Foam adhesive squares or pop-dots
paint brush, small cup, non-stick parchment or wax paper, stir stick, scissors, baby wipes
- hair dryer (optional - speeds up dry time)

1.  Tear strips of junk mail or book pages (small print makes a nice overall background texture) and apply to cardboard with decoupage medium (thinned slightly with water). Use the brayer to gently smooth out the surface and let dry. Trim the outer edges of torn paper flush to the cardboard.

2.  Use a narrow wedge cut from a kitchen sponge to stamp a repeating linear pattern across the card with a medium tone paint color; let dry.

3.  Use a ring-shaped object, like the core of a scotch tape roll, to stamp random circles in a darker or contrasting color; let dry.

4.  Drag the edge of a credit card through paint to stamp the sun rays in a bright color, then stamp the center of the sun with a cork.

5.  Use a pencil eraser or sponge to line the edges of your postcard with color, then adhere the sentiment.