Sullivan's Parachute Cord blog hop

parachute cord necklace lisa fulmer

This week the Designer Crafts Connection is working with a brand new type of parachute cord from Sullivan's USA.

It's very thin and shiny and it comes in really pretty colors. I received wine and lavender - gorgeous!

We were asked to knit, crochet or knot with it...I don't knit or crochet, so I opted for some super simple knotting. This lovely cord was a bit too thin for my poor hands and eyes to do the macrame project that I originally had in mind.

sullivans parachute cord

Then I realized how pretty it is all on its own, so I created several different 6-strand lengths with randomly placed overhand knots and a few lovely glass beads.  A couple lengths have only a couple knots in the center to give the necklace a bit more of a fiber look. The knot at each of the ends were tightened and trimmed, then gathered together to be tightly wire-wrapped with a loop. The two loops connect with a large spring-closure ring. I really like this randomly ropey style of necklace - loose and casual, but still makes a nice statement.

Look for the DCC logo on our sidebars to jump back and forth between the blogs on the hop. There are some designers with way more dexterity than me who have knotted up some lovely inspiration for you!