Duct tape bracelet

duct tape bracelet

Duct tape and gaffer tape are the perfect partners to make a quick and easy bracelet.

Despite all the fabulous colors and patterns available for duct tape right now, I still lean toward black, it's just the color I love to wear.

Measure your wrist, add about 3/4" and trim a piece of 2" wide duct tape to that final length. Lay it sticky side up on your work surface. Trim a piece of 1" wide cloth gaffer tape 1/2" shorter than the duct tape. Center and press the gaffer tape down on to the duct tape, sticky sides together.

duct tape bracelet closure

Fold up and press the edges of the duct tape to border the gaffer tape. Fold and press each end of the bracelet back to stick to itself. Add a drop of glue to each side to secure. Punch a small hole at each end and attach jump rings and a closure.

Punch a small hole in the center and put in a decorative brad. Done! Easiest duct tape bracelet ever - and it's cute too!

duct tape bracelet gaffer tape