Flower charger plate with Smoothfoam and Rowlux Illusion Film

It's First Monday - time for a new blog hop for the Designer Crafts Connection! Look for the DCC logo on the sidebar to hop through each designer's blog. This month's theme is party decorations - I made a flower charger plate to bedeck the dip!

DIY flower plate charger

Every fancy dip needs a fancy presentation on the coffee table. This charger plate was quick to make, and the flower petals are made of a plastic material that you can easily wipe clean if your guests are a bit drippy with the dippy.

Paint an 8" Smoothfoam disc in whatever color you like - I chose black to blend in with my black table. Trim 3 sizes of petal shapes from two colors of Rowlux Illusion Film. Fold the large and small petals in half lengthwise and leave the medium petals flat.

diy flower plate charger petals

Cut v-shaped slots around the outside edge of the Smoothfoam disc with a craft knife and insert the tips of large petals with a dab of glue. Use straight pins to alternate and secure the medium and small petals around the top of the disc. Use two pins per petal so they don't shift or spin.

You can pin a circle of yellow to the center and glue a ribbon loop on the back so you can hang it on the wall when not in use - it looks pretty in the kitchen.

You could also use smaller leaves or petals to make a pretty flower charger plate for everyone at your dining table - in colors to match any holiday or season. Party on!

(pssst - be sure to check back on July 13 when the DCC has another blog hop featuring burlap crafts, sponsored by BurlapFabric.com!)