Book review & giveaway: Crazy Cool Duct Tape Projects

My good friend Marisa Pawelko has a new book - Crazy Cool Duct Tape Projects - and it's FUN!

Duct tape bracelet by Lisa Fulmer
I hadn't quite gotten into the whole duct tape craze yet, but her book definitely inspired me to give it a whirl. There are so many really great colors and patterns of duct tape and sheets now! I was rather conservative though; I just bought a roll of black.

Marisa's book has lots of tips and nice, clearly-written instructions for 24 super creative projects, including wearables, fashion accessories and home d├ęcor...she even created a "geek chic" pocket protector - love it!

Now personally, I can't quite pull off the bright colors and patterns like our dear Modern Surrealist Marisa can...I lean toward wearing the aforementioned black. I made this black duct tape bracelet cuff and it was really quick and easy - I love it!

I had these cute silver keyhole studs that have been patiently waiting for the perfect project - and I really like the contrast of the cloth gaffer tape that I put along the center of the cuff. A stainless steel magnetic clasp makes it super easy to put on and take off.

Click here for my project instructions.
Duct tape bracelet by Lisa Fulmer

Marisa's publisher was kind enough to send me a copy of the book, which I would love to give you all a chance to win - you're gonna love it! Enter below and good luck!

Marisa (right) shows off her book with Elena Etcheverry during a Charity Wings webcast

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