Glitter and lace technique

Ahhhh...tonight was my monthly ATC group and it was just what I needed. Although I didn't have a chance ahead of time to make ATCs to give, so I gave some IOUs, lol.

Cathy was in charge of our demo this time—she shared this great technique where you apply a double-sided adhesive sheet to the card, peel off the top liner and lay a piece of lace lightly on top, nice and flat. Then you sprinkle glitter on top, shake of the excess and peel off the lace. You get a gorgeously glittered reverse pattern of the lace.

Then you sprinkle a contrasting color of glitter over the areas of the adhesive that were previously masked with the lace, tap it off and it's beautiful! You can also work with multiple colors to create an ombre or marbled effect.

The same technique can be done with metal's recommended that you rub some natural bar soap on the stencil first, and apply the soaped side to the adhesive when you mask, so it releases easier. I tried it with a seahorse stencil, soooo cool!