Quick & easy living tabletop tree for the holidays

Here's a super easy way to add a little something extra to a table during the holidays. I bought this rosemary plant at my local grocery store - it not only smells divine, it's a living herb that I can plant outside later and have delicious fresh rosemary to season my cooking. 

To decorate it, I just tied some jingle bells to a few stems with red embroidery floss. Then I punched some flowers from red paper and added a little red glitter with glue to the tips of each petal. I snipped a little slice between two of the petals toward the center of each flower to "wrap" them around the stems.

Lastly, I cut some long narrow petals (like poinsettias) from the red paper, creased them down the center and just poked them into the plant in various spots...done! And so cute!