painting on smoothfoam—plus a giveaway!

we creative junkies in the designer crafts connection are playing with smoothfoam!

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smoothfoam comes in sheets and balls and it has a really nice surface for painting and gluing, but it's still soft for cutting and poking holes like regular craft foam. i used the 2" balls to make little holders to display the greeting cards you receive. super easy and cute!

1. stick the end of a skewer or paint brush into the hole at the bottom of the ball. this makes it easy to spin between your fingers as you brush on the craft paint. depending on the opacity of the paint, you may or may not need two coats. 

2. while the final coat of paint is still wet, sprinkle fine clear glitter all over it, tap off the excess, and pop the skewer into a glass to let the ball dry.

3. carefully slice a line in the top half of the ball with an exacto blade; the length of the blade is the perfect depth for holding a card. carve the line a little wider and use the tip of the blade to dig out a little of the foam.

4. glue some ribbon and bling around the center seam of the ball.

5.  glue a circle of pretty paper to a large metal washer, then glue the ball to the center of it.

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