painting a glass jar + martha stewart crafts giveaway!

so i really love these peaches that come in these super cute little barrel-shaped jars, and i really love those little fake flickering battery-operated tealights. eat the peaches, paint the jars, and you end up with some super cute (and safe) candle holders!

i used the new glass paints and pattern tape from martha stewart crafts. this low-tack pattern tape has a little bit of stretch that regular painter's tape doesn't seem to have.

i was able to give the strips of tape a slight curve as i applied them, which gave me stripes that were skinny on top and wider in the center, to complement the jar's shape. the glass paint goes on nicely with a fingertip dauber and becomes nice and bright with a second coat after the first coat dries. the bottles have a pointy dispenser cap that was perfect for squeezing a tiny bit paint right on to the dauber without needing a palette. the cap also worked great for dotting a little pearly border along each stripe.

to cover the threads for the jar's lid, i painted the back side of a piece of filmstrip ribbon and adhered it around the top with a couple glue dots.

the glass paint cures by air in a few weeks, so you can safely wash it, or you can cure it faster in the oven.

click here to see another peach jar that i painted with a self-adhesive silkscreen. my head is spinning with all kinds of cute ways to paint these jars to use for storage, too!

and now for the giveaway! our friends at plaid provided me with a generous shipment of martha stewart crafts products for a marketing campaign i participated in. i'd like to share some with one lucky winner!

this valuable prize package contains a glass spray paint kit, a set of alpha adhesive stencils, two bottles of glass paint, plus two bottles of liquid gilding paint. just leave a comment here to enter and i'll draw one comment at random to win! deadline to enter is 10/25/12 - good luck!