atc club - birth month

this month, my atc group made cards to reflect their birth months. mine is july, so i used a background paper and a stamp to convey the hot summer sun, with dry grasses and only a hint of spring flowers left. the red holographic paper reminds me of rubies, the july gemstone. the leaf is cut from a paint skin i made with acrylic ink and glass bead medium.

here are the lovely atc's i received - top row: june from donna (wedding theme with a pic of her grandparents), february from liz (hearts and a jacaronda flower), december from tarri (born near christmas day, she was sent home from the hospital swaddled inside a satin stocking).

bottom row: may from cathy (emeralds and a lily) and march from uni (under the foggy overlay are raindrops and the lyrics to "the ants go marching 3x3, hurrah, hurrah, the little one stopped to climb a tree...")