whimsical artist trading cards

the other night was our monthly atc club meeting at my house...there were just three of us this time, everyone else was doing the summer vaykay thing. our june theme was "whimsy" so i made mine with these cute little flower fairies die-cuts. the background is sparkly pink angelina fibers fused to inked lutradur, which was fused to cardstock. i added crackle medium to their wings which gave them a little curl. click the pics to zoom in.

here are some atcs that i received...on the right is cathy's little pup and liz's amore doily (may's theme was pinhole punching). then there's cathy's polymer clay wall-e pendant (april's theme was postage stamps). the two for this month are liz's "bunnyfly" that jiggles on a springy coil, and cathy's cartoon stage; each little character is a magnet that you can move around the metal background.