native people

our november theme for my local atc group was native people. we each chose different areas of the world to find inspiration. when i googled the word "indigenous," the first thing that came up was this image of a huli wigman from papua new guinea. i loved his bright primary colors - yellow and blue face paint with the red on his shoulders, all done up for a ceremonial dance. they had (and have) some pretty unusual customs though, i must say.
clockwise from lower left - donna made an aboriginal drawing, liz was inspired by a muscogee indian legend, uni painted vases in the aztec style, cathy worked with the art from the adivasi people of india, and tarri created an aboriginal fish. we each shared a little of what we learned about the various indigenous people we were inspired by - it was fun!

i missed the last couple swaps, so here are the cards i received from my friends for the october theme, lucy in the sky with diamonds. there was so much imagery to work with in the lyrics of that song!

and here are the cards i got for the september swap, the theme was origami.