atc club tonight

my poor neglected bloggy, it has been weeks! anyway, tonight was my monthly local atc group get together. mmm, we ate sushi, and mozzarella sticks, and fruit salad, and chips, and chocolate, and cookies...oh, um and yes, right, we swapped atcs too!

our july theme was birds. i used these gorgeous handpainted papers that my friend lisa gave me because her wonderful brush strokes felt feathery to me. I sliced them up and glued them down to my white foundation card with the cracks showing. then i stamped this southwest-style "mimbreƱo chicken" image on top and heat-embossed it with white embossing powder. i like how the cracks almost look like there are wires of a cage or fence on top of the bird. click the pic to zoom in.

we also got an origami lesson from liz - we each take turns teaching the group something new. we made cute folded hats, seagulls, pinwheels, and tulips. we're skipping our august meeting to accomodate vacations, then our theme for september will be...origami!

tomorrow i'll share the other bird atcs i got from the group.