domino day

last week i played more with altering dominoes, trying to get just the right look with the alcohol inks. i'm also trying different kinds of glazes and sealers, and so far haven't found one that goes on smooth and also prevents the ink from being scratched off when i wrap beads and wire around it. probably going to have to go with the epoxy that cures in sunlight. it's a lot more expensive than the other glazes i've been trying though.

the technique i used for the batch on top is just patting and blending colors with the cotton pad, the more you pat while it's still wet, the more splotchy and marbly it gets. for the batch on the bottom, i start with rubbing on a pale color all over, then squirt drops of ink and let the drops do whatever they do. sometimes i allow colors to bleed together and push each other's borders around while wet, other times i let a drop dry before dropping another color on top of it.

soon these will make lovely pendants!!