follow friday

for those of you on twitter, you know what "follow friday" means...every friday, tweeters all over the twitterverse post their recommendations of other tweeters that they think are worth following. btw, if you want to follow me on twitter, click here. tah-weet!

today one of my fellow tweeters, terri stegmiller, an artist in north dakota, was kind enough to put me on her twitter follow friday list.

it gave me an idea...each friday i want to feature other artists and crafters whose work i find inspiring. i think it's worth your time to click on over and see what they do!

so let's start with terri - her work is really fun, i love her faces. she is a teacher, an author, and she runs online ar
t classes at two creative studios with sue bleiweiss. they have a free projects page too!

another artist who's work, humor and copious amounts of energy that i just adore is lauren ferguson. her blog, everything altered, sports her tagline "there are no mistakes in art, just opportunities to embellish" which has become one of my mantras too!

this is a skirt, about 2' long, made from sheets of colored plastic film that lauren scored and pleated by hand for the film's manufacturer to display at the namta trade show. i was at the show and got to see this beauty up close and snapped this picture, which doesn't do it justice. it's really much shinier and more colorful in person!