radical biker chick

my next effort at 4x6 postcard art for this week's sunday postcard art challenge...the theme was hats. suffice to say i was in a goofy mood.

perhaps i should explain...this picture of me was from a reunion weekend with several of my dear high-school friends. our dependably hilarious becky brought a box full of wigs and sunglasses for us to play with (never mind that we are all 40-somethings). the reunion was brought about to reconnect with one friend, julie, who we had lost track of for about 20 years. so we all donned our disguises and sat in the hotel lobby gabbing up a fake storm to surprise julie when she walked in...great fun! then we forced the most glamorous pink wig upon her head for our group shot. i took the goofy route with my get-up, instead of the glam - and gave my best gummy smile for the camera when we took our close-ups.

these goggle-glasses remind me of what an old-fashioned motorcyclist might have worn, and they also look like fly eyes. I am so NOT into motorcycles, so i added that bit of irony to my collage.