sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

today i tried collage cards, using this leatherish bumpy paper in a few different colors. i cut a bunch of strips at angles first, then just started piecing them together on a card, trimming edges as needed to get all the pieces to nest together. i left a few "flaps" unglued just for the heck of it. I used small squares to anchor the design, and they also served to cover a few wonky intersections!

i also tried blending these hard angles and prominent texture with a distressed fritzy floral paper to see how it would look...it's a little busy and wierd (bordering on ugly) but i still kinda like how it turned out, not sure what in the world appeals to me about it. when it comes to cardmaking, i tend to design as i go...either that, or i decide i want to use up certain papers and goo-gaws, so i force myself to work only with those things. it's kind of a fun, challenging way to create.